Cleansing & Toning

Proper cleansing is the first step to good skincare Rejuvi offers cleansers for all skin types.

Rejuvi ‘K’ facial cleaners :

A clear gel containing AHA derivatives gently lifts away impurities using a mild cleansing system that does not dry or irritate the skin. Rejuvi “k” offers complete cleansing for most complexions.

Rejuvi ‘O’ cleansing milk :

Specially formulated for dry and sensitive complexions. Containing precious rose hip oil and glycerin, this ultra mild soap free cleanser gently removes impurities without dryness or irritation. Skin is left feeling soft, silky and glowing.

Rejuvi ‘F’ facial wash :

For skin that tends to be oily. Rejuvi “f” offers thorough cleansing without causing dryness. The combination of active cleansing agents and natural AHA derivatives plus papaya extract work together to remove dead skin cells, sebum and grime. Skin is left feeling fresh.


Rejuvi ‘R’ Skin Refreshner :

The final step in your Rejuvi cleansing regimen. Rejuvi “r” is an innovative mist that prepares all skin types to receive the appropriate Rejuvi skincare. Rejuvi “r” provides a natural pH balance close to the skin’s own acidity.