Cleansing & Toning

Daily cleansing is important to help maintain a healthy, blemish-free complexion. Our skin is constantly being exposed to impurities from pollution, dirt, make-up and our own  oils and perspiration. These substances lead to clogging of the pores causing blackheads and pimples. All Rejuvi’s cleansers utilize AHA to gently remove impurities without causing irritation or dryness. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are derived from fruit-based plants. AHA  stimulates cell regeneration by lightly removing the top layer of skin cells. By doing this, healthier skin cells are exposed, improving skin texture and color and allowing moisturizers to be absorbed so the skin remains supple.

Rejuvi ‘K’ facial cleaners :

Maintain healthy, glowing skin with Rejuvi “k” Facial Cleanser, A complete gel cleanser for normal or combination skin which has an oily ‘T’ Zone (the area around the forehead, nose, mouth and chin). The skin in this area tends to have large, open pores while the cheeks are usually normal to dry. Gently cleanses without a harsh drying effect. Aloe vera, allantoin, chamomile and cucumber extracts are used to calm and soothe the skin. Removes make-up easily.

Rejuvi ‘O’ cleansing milk :

Specially formulated for dry and sensitive or mature skin. Precious rose hip oil and glycerin protect the skin from dehydration and help maintain the skin’s water barrier. Skin is left looking and feeling healthy, soft and silky.

Rejuvi ‘F’ facial wash :

Oily, shiny skin is often prone to blackheads and pimples. This foaming facial wash is ideal for gently cleansing the skin without stripping it of natural nourishing oils. AHA derivatives and papaya extract remove dead skin cells, sebum and grime. While aloe vera and chamomile extract protect against dehydration and irritation. Rejuvi “f” facial wash will leave your skin feeling fresh and sparkling clean.


Rejuvi ‘R’ Skin Refreshner :

The final step in your cleansing regime. Rejuvi r uses AHA derivatives to reduce pore size and provide a neutral PH balance. It can be used throughout the day to rehydrate the skin as needed and can be applied on top of make-up. Rejuvi’s Skin Refreshener prepares the skincare regimen.