Hair Care – Hair Loss

Rejuville Anti-Aging Hair Care line is a unique combination of advanced biotechnology, the latest dermatological research and unique Oriental herbalogy. Rejuville is an exceptional cross-cultural development providing a synergistic, powerful and effective solution for hair rejuvenation. The youthful vitality of your hair is safeguarded and your healthy hair growth is replenished. Rejuville is developed and manufactured in the USA with an overwhelming response. You will see remarkable improvements within a short period of using Rejuville products. Rejuville line consists of Rejuville Shampoo, Rejuville Shampoo for dandruff scalp, Rejuville Hair Conditioner, Rejuville Maintenance, Rejuville Hair Tonic, and Rejuville Hair Revitalizer for special hair care.

Rejuville Hair Tonic , for Severe Hair Loss and Hair Revitalization :

Rejuville Hair Tonic contains the mixture of Oriental herbal extracts, including ginkgo biloba and plant worm extract in high concentrations. It also includes all-active biochemicals and a male-hormone inhibitor. Moreover, special skin enhancer greatly increases the penetration rate of the active ingredients.These multiple mechanisms create a very powerful approach to hair revitalization. Rejuville Hair Tonic achieves up to 60% statistical success rate. You will see an appreciable result within 2-3 months, depending on the conditions of hair follicles. Use daily, in the evening. Leave the solution on the scalp for at least 6 hours