Proper hydration of the skin is essential to maintain skin health. Dryness can lead to an accentuation of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as flaking. This dryness can give a dull appearance to the skin.

Rejuvi has you covered , with a selection of Moisturizers for all skin types.

Rejuvi ‘b’ Skin Moisturizer :

Advanced biological technology and Oriental beauty secrets come together to provide this superior day cream. Rejuvi “b” contains aloe vera, precious pearl powder, suma extract and avocado oil for skin healing and nourishment. A precious yeast extract and a super anti-oxidant are incorporated into Rejuvi “b” to strengthen the skin’s immunity and help protect against environmental damage.

Rejuvi ‘n’ Night Cream :

This soft snow-white cream melts instantly into the skin. Rejuvi “n” contains precious natural oils along with Vitamin C and E to provide excellent nourishment and moisturization. The combination of vitamins work together to effectively fight oxygen free radicals, a major skin aging factor. In addition GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) in evening primrose oil and ginseng extract work to promote natural skin recovery.

Rejuvi ‘y’ Light Moisuturizer :

The cream designed for individuals who prefer a light moisturizer. Non-greasy and non-comedogenic. This cream is perfect for teenagers and young adults who want to keep their skin soft, moist and fresh without heavy feel. This cream is also suitable for skin types which need  limited moisturization.

Rejuvi ‘v’ Nourishing Cream :

A wonderfully rich and luxurious moisturizer for dry skin. Rejuvi “v” is the perfect solution for dry skin that needs extra moisturization. Drenches the skin in lubricating moisture and emollients without leaving oily residue on the skin.

Rejuvi ‘b’ Moisturizing Lotion :

Stemming from “b” Skin Moisturizer, this soft and light moisturizing lotion is designed for very light hydration to the skin. Compatible for both oily and normal skin in all kinds of weather, especially in humid, tropical climate. This light formula will provide skin protection with minimal residues on the skin.