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     Latest, most Innovative Microneedling & Mesotherapy Technique


3 in one performance - oxytherapy combined with micro-mesotherapy & double pulveriZation system!


Oxypin is equipped with a mini-compact Compressor and Airgun, with special cartridge of 540micro-pins roller, fakir type and diamond-shaped tip to perform 3 actions simultaneously.


1. Oxytherapy

The mini-compact Compressor takes oxygen from the air while throughout the airway hyperbaric pressure method and negative ion converter; it emits a continuous flow of oxygen onto the skin.

The continuous jet of oxygen, absorbed, will increase metabolic processes in cells and therefore the func-tion of tissues within the body. Oxygen is also naturally antibacterial and has a cooling, calming effect.

2. Micro-Mesotherapy [Microneedling+Mesotherapy]

A cartridge of 540 micro-pins, fakir type roller, with diamond shaped tips is fitted onto the aircap of the Airgun. The micro-pins passage onto the skin layer triggers the normal healing response within the skin while the continuous jet of oxygen enables the cellular turnover and increases the elasticity and tone of the skin.
Additionally, Oxypin Airgun is equipped with a gravity stainless steel tank to add the liquid active ingredients compounds that, thanks to a double pulverization technology, will be sprayed onto the skin, releasing microdroplets (me- so-nappage) and significantly enhancing its absorption within prothrombine time.

The perforated tank-cap eases the administration of the liquid solution into the tank and grants that the original quality is kept in terms of sterility and non-oxidation of the ingredients.

The ergonomic silhouette of the Airgun ensures a constant pressure of the micro-pins onto the skin.

No risk of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, swelling or uneven results. Oxypin witnesses the major distinguishing features between obsolete skin needling devices (handle dermal rollers, microneedle pens...) or other invasive and painful procedures.

3. Double Pulverization System

Oxypin Airgun combines the advantages of the spray guns with the advantages of airless system, resulting in a mix of oxygen and pressure of the product, so achieving high rates of application speed and transfer of the liquid ingredients.

The liquid solution is atomized by a double pulverization: the first corresponds to an airless pulverization produced by passing the liquid, with a high-medium pressure, through a narrow hole, where itís impacted and pulverized.

Once pulverized, the second phase, a medium-high oxyflow re-pulverizes the liquid again; this contributes to a wider area covered in one passage and evenly sprayed over the area without leakage or dropping.

It is an all in one method with terrific results!

  1) Oxygenating the skin.

  2) Very exact and specially designed rollers for fast
      results with helping to prevent damage to the skin.

  3) Suppling serums with high pressure spray as you
      are rolling.

Contact Veeway cc, the distributors of Oxypin, & other aesthetic equipment:

Tel: 011 786 1020 Email: veeway@icon.co.za   www.veeway.co.za

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