Age, sun or liver spots (solar lentigines) and freckles are brown or black spots that generally appears on the face, back of hand and body . This hyper-pigmentation by increased melanin production makes skin darker. Rejuvi whitening range is very effective for anti-pigmentation.

Rejuvi ‘w’ Skin Whitening Cream : Lightens , Removes and Prevents Pigmentation.

Rejuvi ‘w’ Cream  is a unique Whitening Cream that combines Vitamin E & C, Kojic acid (derived from malted rice), and other ingredients to form a powerful
depigmentation effect, that effectively lightens and removes unwanted patches of skin pigment on the face and body, which evens the skin tone and helps return to its natural state. Licorice extract is also incorporated to
inhibit tyrosinase and a special wheat germ extract to alter the melanogenesis
to produce lighter colored skin pigment (pheomelanin). These help prevent
undesirable pigmentation. Rejuvi w Skin Whitening Cream is the most complete lightening formula available. With regular use, undesirable pigmentation can be reversed and prevented. A noticeable improvement in skin tone can be seen within two weeks.

• Lightens Age, Liver & Brown Spots and Freckles.
• Prevents Production of Undesirable Pigmentation.
• Safe for Use on Face and Body
• Evens Skin Complexion
• See a Noticeable Improvement within Two Weeks.
• Does not Contain Hydroquinone

Rejuvi ‘W’ Whitening Toner : A Skin Toner made with gentle lightening ingredients.

Rejuvi ‘w’ Whitening Toner is specially formulated to even your skin tone by lightening dark spots and pigmentation for a beautiful healthy, complexion. The soothing and hydrated blend of wheat germ extract and essential oils are mixed with kojic acid, licorice extract and a stabilized vitamin C. Your skin is left refreshed and ready for further Rejuvi whitening Regimen.

Rejuvi ‘W’ Lightening Serum : highly effective anti-pigmentation serum.

Rejuvi “w” Whitening Serum combines wheat germ extract, vitamin C derivative, arbutin, licorice extract and a special extract of ascophyllum nodosum (reduce activity of melanocyte) to slow down melanin production to achieve a good skin whitening or anti-pigmentation effect. This product is more potent than Rejuvi “w” Whitening Toner and Whitening
Cream . The Rejuvi lightening serum is one of the most powerful on the market which is safe for home use.

Rejuvi ‘R’ Clearing Toner : Removes heavy metal ions on the skin.

It is specially formulated to detoxify heavy metal ions and tough impurities on the skin surface. Heavy metal ions from contaminated water or poor cosmetic products are very toxic and gradually accumulated on the skin surface.
If the concentration becomes high, some penetration into the blood stream may occur – very harmful for the body. All heavy metal ions are associated with dark colors which may stain the skin and affect the skin tone. Traditional cleansers or soaps do not remove metal ions. Rejuvi “r” Clearing Toner utilizes chelating mechanism to achieve this special goal, keeping skin healthy and tone clear.