Rejuvi Tattoo removal

Rejuvi Tattoo Remover utilizes an unique chemical extraction mechanism to soften the tattoo pigments that gradually move to the skin surface. Rejuvi Tattoo Removal is non-color selective , effective, less scarring and much less expensive. If properly applied, only one treatment is needed for removal of Permanent Makeup. However, 2-6 treatments are needed for body tattoo removal with minimal scarring risk. The time required for a treatment depends upon the removal area. The Patented Round 52 needle set provides a greater safety and speed for body tattoo removal.

The development of this technique was initiated by the renowned biochemist Dr. Wade Cheng of Rejuvi Laboratory in the early 1990’s and the product was launched into the U.S. market in the mid 1990’s. The Rejuvi Tattoo Removal technique has been significantly improved in both formulation and application details over a decade. Numerous publications can be found in aesthetic and medical journals. The large and influential U.S. Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professional (SPCP) has endorsed the Rejuvi Tattoo Removal technique.

To date the Rejuvi Tattoo Removal technique is  widely and successfully used by permanent makeup artists, tattoo artists and medical professionals in America and many international countries.
The Rejuvi Tattoo Removal technique provides an effective, simple and economical new dimension for erasing tattoos and permanent makeup, bringing releff to numerous people seeking assistance

The Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Technique also utilises traditional tattoo-over procedures and equipment. In other words, just use the Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Formula as a special tattoo ink, which will catch tattoo pigments and bring them to the skin surface.